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Best Gas Installers is based in Pretoria and specialises in the installation and maintenance of LP Gas products.  The use of LP Gas has become very popular over the past few years, with more people using LP gas for cooking as it is safe, affordable and easy alternative to conventional electricity.

Every job we do complies with the safety rules and regulations of both the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa, as well as the South African National Standard/SANS.Best Gas Installers also specialises in the Installation and Maintenance of fire places, hobs, stoves, geysers and braai’s. We offer free quotes on all new jobs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

LPG (or liquefied petroleum gas) is a versatile fuel commonly used in Australian homes and businesses.  LPG is produced during oil refining or is extracted during the natural gas production process. If you release LPG, gas is emitted. In order to transport it, LPG needs to be placed under modest pressure to form a liquid. It can then be stored and transported in LPG cylinders.

Because it has the ability to be transported and stored, it can be used in areas where piped natural gas isn’t available to power heating, cooking and hot water for homes and gas engines in forklifts or industrial boilers for businesses.

In summer, you’ll often see people swapping LPG bottles at the local petrol station, getting ready to power up their BBQ.  LPG is also important for use in industrial, commercial, agricultural, horticultural and manufacturing applications. At home, it can provide us with heating, hot water and power to cook our food, as well as fuel for our cars. It even powers cogeneration plants!

For your own safety. Plus it’s legal requirement.

For insurance purposes. No COC = No insurance payout.

One bottle can be installed indoors and up to 100kg outdoors.

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Should you convert to lPG Gas?

Apart from gas being easy to use and affordable for the majority of people, it is also extremely handy to have in times of power outages too. These days, gas hobs, stoves, and even braais are available for cooking, gas geysers to provide hot water in the kitchen and bathroom, and even gas fireplaces too, which are clean and easy to use, and create a wonderful and inviting atmosphere to any living room. If you require any of the above gas features in your home or business, contact us, and we will get it done!

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