•  LPG has become such an indispensable part of modern life that it is hard to imagine living without the convenience and efficiency of it in our homes these days. No wonder it’s regarded as such a valuable resource.
  •  LPG is the ideal alternative to electricity.
  •  LPG is a cleaner burning fuel with high combustion efficiency.
  •  With power failures, you will still be able to cook your food and take a hot shower.
  •  Switching from electricity to LPG at home you’ll be helping save the environment.
  •  LPG gives you great results and peace of mind.


Cooking with LPG will make you fall in love with cooking. Cooking with LPG provides you with instant controllable heat. With the wide variety of today’s modern stainless steel cook tops, it’s easy to see why LPG is the no.1 choice for chefs and home designers alike.


Using LPG stoves is a simple way of making your food. They are easy to use and fast to heat up, which makes them cost-effective to run.

Geysers (Water heater)

Using a LPG geyser gives you instant hot water and only heat water as required. You will never run out of hot water and saves you on electricity bills from keeping a tank full of hot water.


For those cold winter nights, LPG fireplaces are the smart and sensible way for heating your home. It enables you to heat your home quickly and efficiently. LPG is much more environment friendly and healthier for you than any other forms of heating.


LPG braais is easy to light and provides you with instant and controllable heat. 

Cylinder Verification

Introduced in the first quarter of 2006 following a consultation process between the LPGSASA and the Department of Labour. The purpose is to ensure that LPG cylinders, whether locally manufactured or imported, are:
  1. verified for compliance with approved cylinder standards as listed in SANS 10019 or as otherwise accepted by the Department of Labour and,
  2. have been manufactured under the supervisory inspection of a recognised independent third party inspectorate.Included in the verification process undertaken by the LPGSASA is a check to ensure that cylinder valves are certified as compliant with the requirements of SANS 199.

Proven compliance will enable a Cylinder Verification Permit to be issued by the LPGSASA without which, the cylinders may not be utilized in South Africa.

Cylider Colour Markings (PDF)